Building AI-Powered Adtech Products for Ads Revenue Growth.

We help APP & Web publishers improve their ads revenue, through a combination of AI-led campaign creation, work-flow automation, yield optimization, mediation & technology hacks.

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ImproveYields team is veteran of global Adtech industry.


With over 2 decades of demonstrated experience of building Adtech platforms & scaling revenues (in 10's of MNs USD) with global APPs & publishers like Truecaller, Dailyhunt etc. ImproveYields team exactly knows what publishers & advertiser needs are. We work across the adtech spectrum (technology, yield optimization, demand onboarding as part of header bidding & network extension) to help publishers significantly improve their revenues.



Rajiv Kumaar


Alumnus of IIM Kozhikode with 15+ years of product management experience at high growth digital businesses like Vizury, Truecaller and DailyHunt.

In his previous role, Rajiv was product & tech head for Ads @ Truecaller. Over 2 yrs, Rajiv grew Truecaller Ads revenue by 5X, impression by 4X(2BN imp per day) and yield by 50%. Rajiv built innovative solutions, including ad-server with state-of-the-art mediation across ADX, SDK & API partners.

Our Products

Bunch of products
we are building (among many others) to improve your Ads revenue


Advanced Wrapper on Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is >50% of world's ad-server market. But it continue to be one of the difficult products to operate. And even fewer features to help publishers improve their efficiency.

GAMPlus is an advanced AI powered layer built on top of GAM to create voice based self-serve campaigns, image creation, and automate mundane tasks while empowering AdOps with advanced data capabilities.


Yield Analysis & Optimization.

Did you know that eCPM varies not just by ad-placement, but ad-size, ad-type, country, city, behavior, device and 100 other parameters.

In order to maximize the yield, you need to create different price floors for each combination for each demand partner. But how do you do it? And now imagine, if you could calculate CLTV and then be able to create price floor for each user for each demand partner. How cool is that? This is where we come in. Having built user level floor pricing, we are confident of helping you move the needle.



Not abe to scale advertisers? Stuck with 1 or 2 or few demand partners? Fret not! Through GAMEx, you will be able to externalize and build self-serve platform on top of Google Ad Manager. Thus allowing you to get SMBs at "0 sales cost" and scale your revenues.

At the same time, tap into more than 50+ demand partners integrated at a bid level to maximise the revenue opportunity for you.p>

Why Us

The reasons to choose us as your ADS partner


Highly Experienced

Having scaled Ads revenue for some of the top publishers globally, we chose to use this knowledge to help other publishers.


Domain Expertise

We have been part of publisher & adnetwork ecosystem. Hence, we understand the entire scope of what can be done to help publishers improve their revenues from Ads.


Scalable Tech.

The products that we have built are result of decades of adtech experience. Our team comprises of top experts across Android, Engg, Product, Open Auction w.r.t Adtech & more.


We are an "ROI" focussed Adtech SaaS platform with free consultancy to identify the gap's & improvement areas. Please talk to us to understand how our products can help improve your Ads revenues (topline & bottomline). And then we will guarantee on paper - Price Vs RoI from Day 1

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